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A change of job, and the end of an era!

The past few months have been interesting. I had been running my own company for ten years, with the last four years seeing a complete change following being diagnosed with Heart Failure. In April the last engagement finished, and I was considering where to start looking for the next piece of work when I realised I no longer wanted to go through the Marketing / Sales process yet again. I would much rather just do what I enjoy and am quite good at, find ways to solve problems through the use of I.T.

So after talking with Julie, (my wife), and a few friends (you know who you are thank you), I updated my CV and called some recruitment agents. After a couple of days I decided to update my LinkedIn profile and tick the box saying I was looking for work. It was just under 20 minutes after I enabled this, that I got a phone call from a major consultancy firm asking if I would consider working for them. After a long telephone conversation, mainly around the disadvantages/advantages of the consulting lifestyle I agreed to apply for a position. Within the next 9 days I had two interviews and was offered a position.

After calling the other companies I had applied to and offered interview with, (to date I have only applied for 1 position where I did not get an interview and an offer), I started the wait to begin. The HR process was one of the longest and most painful I have experienced, almost 4 weeks of waiting with no firm details. Then I got a copy of the contract and just like the initial interview process I was set to attend an induction session 3 days later.

The new job has brought with it a whole new outlook, with the company Health scheme comes discounted gym membership, so I have taken this up along side working with a personal trainer. I am now starting to feel better, have more energy and will hopefully start to loose some of the weight I have gained through sitting behind a computer screen all day and not exercising for the past 20 years!

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First Post of a new blog!

I had not posted much in a long time, so I felt it was a good time to start from fresh. This time I am writing for myself and not to help promote my company, so this is likely to become an outpouring of thoughts and ramblings about my life.

The aim of this blog is to help consolidate thoughts and ideas in my mind, so I apologise in advance for any and all inconstancies and the fact it may at times be incoherent. 🙂

This is also the first time in a long while that I am not hosting this site on my own server, instead I am using a hosting provider; so I will soon discover how much the lack of total control affects me.