The end of the first week of isolation

We are at the end of the first week of isolation, and I am still sane, well as sane as I was last week

It has not been a huge change for me as I am used to working from home for server weeks at a time, but this time I have not been able to go out and do some shopping for lunch or new bits of tech kit to play with, so I have had to make do with what I already have. Also work has been slow as my new client account is getting used to this new way of working. Getting access to their resources is a challenge and they are very busy providing access to their existing staff as a priority.

This new paradigm is showing why security is important but why we, as security professionals, need to be pragmatic and ensure security rules do not impact on business processes and access. Simple things like remote access to Office 365 resources, such as SharePoint are vital when working remotely, but having a conditional access policy that prevents access from non-domain joined machines really does have a major impact when your workforce are working remotely without access to a corporate PC. A simple tweak to the policy which changes to say access via a non-domain joined PC requires account verification with 2-factor authentication, would help maintain the security whilst maintaining access where required.

On a personal note I have been finding my daily meditation routine to be really helpful and sets me up for the day, I have been using via my iPhone for the past year and have found it great for keeping myself focused. I try to set aside 10 minutes every morning, around 6am, to sit preferably outside and listen to the daily session and meditate. I am not always able to do this but do try and make a habit out of it. So far I have a streak of 96 days. Before the start of the shutdown I was looking to start Yoga, as a way to do some light exercise when not at the gym, I have decided to press ahead with that idea and am looking for a nice guide to yoga for beginners. I have managed to clear a space in my office for the yoga mat with enough surrounding space to stretch out; because the wife does not want me ‘messing up the rest of the house with my junk’.