About Me

Who am I?

I bring a pragmatic view to enterprise security architecture, bringing many years working across different architecture domains, Solutions, Infrastructure, Data & Enterprise. Having worked with cloud environments for over 10 years, especially Microsoft Azure, I have a hands on experience with these technologies from the beginning; so have an intimate knowledge of the risks associated with them and how to manage these.
I have extensive experience working with application security alongside agile methodologies, and understand how to integrate security design into these processes. Including DevSecOps, I have been working with DevOps since 2004 when I first used CruiseControl and NAnt to automate CI pipelines. Expanding on this work i have guided clients in integrating security testing into CI/CD pipelines as part of a DevSecOps approach.
As well as working across the IT disciplines I have also work across industry sectors including HealthCare, Utilities, Financial Services, Wholesale, Retail and Logistics as well as both private & public sector organisations.


We have a pair of Dutch rabbits, Samphire & Skirret, who have taken over our lives.





When I am not working I am an amateur photographer. I like to take pictures of wildlife where possible but I am also very happy taking pictures of just about anything.

Some of my photos are available via stock photography sites.

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