Clearing up junk, destructive bunnies & the Disney+ channel

Ok so I have decided to give the new Disney+ channel a try, if only to see what The Mandalorian is actually like, I signed up for an initial 7 day trial and I have to say I like it. On the plus side there are all of the Star Wars & Marvel movies along with most of the Disney classics such as The Jungle Book, The Lady & The Tramp etc. so I may be tempted to part with the £6 a month for a subscription, at least until The Mandalorian is finished. This will be my third streaming TV service after Amazon Prime and Netflix, I now hardly ever watch any standard broadcast channels, just the BBC news occasionally. I am really starting to wonder should I just pack in paying for my TV licences and just stick to streaming, I could probably live without the BBC especially as it no longer provides a balanced view of anything, or maybe it never did.

The past week has given me some time to start to clear up some of the detritus in my home office and look to slim down the collection of tech and associated bits, I was surprised to find I have 12 different laptop bags, but only 5 laptops. Once I figure out which ones I want to keep I will look to get rid of the rest; probably via eBay. I also need to decide what to do with my second printer, and two old apple iMacs. I also need to get some more cable tidy wrap, to protect the multitude of wires running under my desk and round the room, from both the robot vacuum cleaner and the rabbits. Both of which love to chew on cables

It always amazes me just how clean a bite a bunny actually has Skirrret (above) did this to the cable below, a Nest IQ indoor camera. I doubt my very high quality TiN coated precision cutters could make a cleaner cut.

I have mountains of old business cards from contacts I met during the previous 15 years of running my own business, most of which are for people who no longer work for that company or for companies that sadly are no longer running; I think burning these will be a much more efficient mechanism than try to shred them as there are serval thousand of these. It’s a real shame that I can’t just put them in the recycling bin as they could potentially be categorised as PII.