iPads and a meditation streak

Recently I have found myself using my iPad Pro much more as a companion to my laptop, both for watching training videos and reading technical books as well as for reviewing documents and making notes with the amazing apple pencil. I bought mine a few years ago and as such it is a little long in the tooth, so I bit the bullet and ordered an upgrade on Monday. However I am having to wait until possibly next Tuesday for it to be delivered, this is perhaps the worst issue I have faced as a result of the lockdown. Normally I would have ordered for collection, and then got the train to Birmingham and picked it up the same day. I am a very impatient person when it comes to things, I want it now! The annoying thing is the new pencil and keyboard folio will arrive tomorrow (Friday) before the actual iPad.

The current range of Microsoft apps for the iPad make my workflow really smooth, especially OneNote and OneDrive. The only apps I can’t get on the iPad, or a suitable equivalent are Visio and Project. I can live without Project, but Visio really does force me to keep using my laptop. Otherwise I can work comfortably in the garden with my iPad.

I managed an achievement this morning, I have manged to get a 100 day streak for my morning meditation, I have not missed a single day for the past 100 days!