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Integrating ARM Template Security Testing into a DevOps Pipeline
Following on from an earlier post about incorporating penetration testing with OWASP ZAP into an Azure DevOps pipeline, I am going to talk about how to add vulnerability checks for your ARM Templates to...
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Integrating security testing into an Azure DevOps pipeline – OWASP ZAP
One of the most effective ways of enhancing the security posture of a solution is to incorporate security into the development lifecycle and embed it within the normal CI/CD pipelines of a project. In...
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Managing time with an old school pre-digital tool
Whilst trying to organise my day, I have to manage my diary in a couple of places, my work calendar and my clients work calendar, both are Microsoft Exchange Online based, but there is no federation in...
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I’ve written off April
April has just disappeared, I have been used to working from home for periods of time; but this is different. I have found it very hard to work remotely with clients I have not had any face to face contact...
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Azure Premium SSD now supports burst mode
Microsoft have made a number of changes to their Premium SSD managed disk service, 3 new small sizes (4, 8, & 16 GiB) and have also introduced burst mode for disk sizes P20 and below (<= 512GiB)....
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Azure Capacity issues
These are truly difficult times, I thought I would start a series of blog posts about Azure Sentinel. This was going to take some effort getting a good volume of logs generated so I decided to use my MSDN...
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